Escape Pod

Emergency Escape Pod

Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Model: Consular-class Cruiser Escape Pod
Class: Escape Pod
Length: 9.29 Meters
Crew: 5 Passengers
Weapons: None
Affiliation: Varie

The Emergency Escape Pod is used countless times throughout Star Wars, during the Old Republic, to the Clone Wars, and throughout the Empire Era it has been used by both sides of these wars. Most escape pods are used to make a hastly escape from pirates, ship damage, etc. but some are decorated to suit the owners needs. A normal Escape Pod can fit up to 5 passengers and is 9.29 Meters in length. An Escape Pod has Communication Gear, Lights, Beacons, and also some limited maneuverablilty.

The Battle of the Abregado SystemEdit

During the Battle of the Abregado System numerous amounts of Escape Pods were used to flee the Jedi Cruisers being destroyed, although what the survivors didn't know was that Pod-Hunters were coming to look for them. These Pod-Hunters cut the Escape Pods wide open, the survivors stood no chance in the vacuum of Space. Although the Pod-Hunters reached Plo-Koon, along with clone troopers Wolfe, Sinker, and Boost who accompanied him in his pod, and the troopers were able to destroy them, the Hunters had already destroyed every other life pod besides their's. But, this battle proves that lucky pods, like Plo-Koon's can take serious punishment, considering even Wolfe who had no armor on and had to rely on the pod to provide him air survived.

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