4-L0M aboard Darth Vader's Flagship, Executor.

4-L0M was an on the loose protocal droid during the Imperial times. He was a mercinary bounty hunter who was one of the few selected by Darth Vader to look for Captain Han Solo. Like all 4-L0M protocol droids he stands at 1.6 meters and was created by the Industrial Automaton. He is a freelance and has 2 favorite weapons, a blaster pistol and a blaster rifle.

4-L0M Action Figure

In 1997 Hasbro made an Action Figure of 4-L0M

Name: 4-L0M

Height: 1.6 Meters

Manufacturer: Industrial Automaton

Model: L0M Series Protocol Droid

Class: Modified Protocal Droid

Weapons: Concussion Rifle, Blaster Pistol
Lego Bounty Hunter Group

4-L0M in Lego Star Wars II, The Original Trilogy along with fellow bounty hunters, Dengar, Boba Fett, Bossk, Ig-88, and Greedo